All members of Governing Council can be contacted at [email protected] or by post at CPSU, 7/191-199 Thomas Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000.

National Officers

National Secretary Melissa Donnelly      
Assistant National Secretary Michael Tull      
National President Alistair Waters      
Deputy Secretary Beth Vincent-Pietsch      
Deputy National President Brooke Muscat      
Deputy National President Melissa Payne      

Section Secretaries

Section Number Section Name Section Secretary        
1 ABC Sinddy Ealy      
2 ACT Government Maria Amaro      
3 Treasury and Finance Oliver Mispelhorn      
4 Indigenous People's Organisations Jo Kerr      
5 Courts and Tribunals Marko Casule      
6 Attorney-General's Liana Tomassini      
7 Australia Post Judy Svarcs        
8 Cultural Institutions Catherine Aldersey        
9 CSIRO Susan Tonks        
10 Climate Change and Industry Jonathan Stallard        
11 Home Affairs Ric Selim        
12 Education, Skills and Employment Sarah Dinsmore        
13 Defence Evan Walton        
14 NDIA Bettina Prescott        
15 Food Inspectorial Phil Davidge        
16 Foreign Affairs, Aid and Trade Lachlan McCall        
17 Social Services Lee Forace        
18 Private Sector Vacant        
19 NT Public Service Vacant        
20 Prime Minister and Cabinet Carter Sullivan        
21 Agriculture, Water and Environment Kelly Miller        
22 Statistics Rowena Zackreresen        
23 Tax Samuel Roehr        
24 Telstra Vacant        
25 Meteorology Steven McGibbony        
26 Aviation Dave Waterson        
27 Veterans' Affairs Vacant        
28 Broadcasting Vacant        
29 Science Resources Vacant        
30 Infrastructure, Intellectual Property and Communications  George Hearder        
31 Health Louis Larcan        
32 Electoral and Employment Regulation Vacant        
33 National Security Vacant        
34 Services Australia Emma White        

Section Presidents eligible for membership of Governing Council

Section Number Section Name Section President        
9 CSIRO Sonia Grocke      
11 Home Affairs Stacey Harris      
23 Tax Justina Friedrich      
34 Services Australia Gareth Mills      

Governing Councillors

Section Number Section Name Governing Councillor        
11 Home Affairs Mark Fontana      
23 Tax Karina McKinnell-Rogers      
34 Services Australia ACT Caitlin Naidoo      
34 Services Australia NSW Ikini Frape      
34 Services Australia NSW Tris Carey      
34 Services Australia NAus Donna Van Rynswoud      
34 Services Australia Qld Paula Thomas        
34 Services Australia SA Gavin Davis        
34 Services Australia Tas Scott Plimpton        
34 Services Australia Vic Margaret Francese        
34 Services Australia WA Vanessa Ferguson