There are 5 points you need to know about the wages policy dispute in Fair Work

• The Fair Work Commission said the wages policy  must be sorted by the end of May.

• The Commissioner at Fair Work asked OCPE why it has taken so long and whether there would be back pay to which no answer was provided.

• The Commission said if the wages policy is not addressed by the end of this month, the Public Service Commissioner and potentially the Chief Minister will be summonsed to attend Fair Work to explain why.

• 245 million dollars has been set apart in the NT government budget for the wage increases.

• If CPSU is not provided with an answer by COB Monday, we will request Fair Work summons all parties to the Commission.

You can tell your Union what you think here.  In the meantime, please continue to speak to your colleagues about what your Union is doing to get you what was promised and ask them to join today.