Christine Adams - long term CPSU member, Tax Office delegate, Section Councillor and Governing Councillor - has passed away following a short period of illness.

Christine was awarded CPSU life membership in June last year upon her retirement.

Christine's fellow union members in the Tax Office at Northbridge are organising a fundraiser with donations to the Cancer Council. You can contribute a donation to the fundraiser here.

Memories of Christine

Christine was a long term ATO delegate and Section Councillor in Perth, a Governing Councillor for the Tax section as well as Section President. Christine was a pivotal part of our Tax leadership team during the difficult period of the Coalition Government, including in the Safeguard bargaining campaign. Chris always put delegates and members first and was a natural workplace leader, mentoring newer delegates. Christine was well known for her integrity, compassion, and always just getting on with the job. Chris will be very much missed by all of us in the union who had the pleasure of working with her.

Melissa Donnelly, CPSU National Secretary

Chris was an experienced, knowledgeable, and much appreciated source of support and advice when I joined Tax Section Council. She was a solid comrade and will be missed.

Ian Woff

Chris Adams, CPSU life member and WHS champion. A fierce forthright feminist, what a glorious thing and we are honoured to have had her as a workplace leader. Vale.

Emma Groube, CPSU Lead Organiser

I remember too well when I was a fresh new delegate in the Perth Site with Christine, she was always such a great resource and support whenever we needed her; not just as a more experienced delegate but also as a HSR. When I moved to UMG Site, remained as a delegate and became a HSR as well - she was still there as a support and inspiration. She was always an inspiration as a delegate, HSR, governing councillor and an amazing friend. She will remain as inspiration and will always have fond memories.

Karina McKinnell-Rogers