The Community and Public Sector Union has today welcomed plans revealed by the Federal Government to boost whistleblower protections, with the introduction of legislation in the parliament’s final sitting for 2022.

This legislation is crucial for Australian Public Service workers who should be able to speak up and expose wrongdoing without fear – they shouldn’t be forced to make a choice between keeping their job or doing what is right.

It’s in the best interests of public sector workers and the Australian public.

For over 5 years, the former Coalition government sat on recommendations of an important review, failing to take action to update legislation and properly protect whistleblowers in the public sector.

Whistleblowers must have protected avenues for receiving independent advice from appropriate bodies including their relevant trade union. It is also important that the legislation is expanded to include parliamentarians’ staff who do not currently have whistleblower protections.

The CPSU looks forward to working directly with the Attorney General to ensure staff are adequately protected under these new reforms.

Quotes Attributable to Melissa Donnelly

Reform of the public sector whistleblower system and the introduction of a National Anti-Corruption Commission are long overdue and were entirely neglected by the former government.

Public sector workers shouldn’t be forced to decide between keeping their job or doing what is right. It is in the public interest for APS employees to be able to do both.

If there were better protections in place prior to the rolling out of the Coalition’s cruel robodebt program, you have to wonder whether it could have been brought to a halt earlier.

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