The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) is alarmed by the appointment of Lisa Carmody as Deputy Director General of CMTEDD within the ACT Government.

The Deputy Director General of CMTEDD is critical to workers in the ACT Government and across Canberra. This role liaises constantly with trade unions including CPSU.

Ms Carmody played a significant role in the Robodebt scandal and was called to appear at the Robodebt Royal Commission as a result.

The CPSU is calling on ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr to reconsider this decision.

Quotes attributable to Maddy Northam, CPSU ACT Regional Secretary:

“Robodebt was a cruel and illegal scheme that had disastrous impacts across the country, including on CPSU members who were forced to implement it.

“From the outset, our members raised the alarm over what they could see unfolding and our union mobilised to fight against Robodebt at every turn.

“To now expect CPSU members in the ACT Government to work with someone who was involved in perpetuating this scheme, in an industrial relations capacity, is shocking.

“The Deputy Director General of CMTEDD is a hugely important role in implementing the government's industrial relations agenda.

"The CPSU is concerned that this appointment could have a detrimental impact on the ACT Government’s relationship with the union movement and undermine the confidence of public servants when raising concerns with management.

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