Former DHS Secretary Kathryn Campbell has resigned following the release of the Robodebt Royal Commission report.

“From the outset, our union has been clear that we wanted the Robodebt Royal Commission to deliver accountability and reform.

“The news of Ms Campbell’s suspension and resignation will be welcomed by CPSU members. It is a key step in delivering the accountability our members were worried they would never see.

“Kathryn Campbell was a key architect and fervent advocate of a scheme that devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across this country, including CPSU members.

“But Ms Campbell didn’t do this alone, and the CPSU expects that this is the first of many steps toward achieving full accountability.

“The other key outcome of the Robodebt Royal Commission must be reform.

“CPSU members who work in Services Australia want their agency to be properly resourced. They want to be safe at work – physically and psychologically. They want their experience and expertise to be valued. And they want an apology from their employer for what they went through."

Melissa Donnelly, CPSU National Secretary