CPSU members at the ABC fully support tomorrow’s planned strike action by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), and will be wearing red in solidarity with their colleagues taking industrial action.

The CPSU Protected Action Ballot closes next week (15 March), at which point CPSU members in the ABC will be in a position to take industrial action.

Tomorrow’s strike action should send a very clear message to the management at the ABC – it is time to put an offer on the table that meets the expectations of staff or prepare for ongoing industrial action across the entirety of the ABC.

Quotes Attributable to Sinddy Ealy, CPSU ABC Section Secretary:

“ABC management can and must do better in these negotiations, which is why the CPSU is supporting the industrial action of MEAA members tomorrow.

“Staff at the ABC and their families shouldn’t struggle financially simply because their employer is the ABC - good will doesn’t pay the bills.

“Rent is up, interest rates are up, grocery bills are up, electricity bills are up and now it is time for wages to go up.

“Our country needs the ABC to be a well-resourced and well-staffed organisation; before, during and after natural disasters, bringing people news and telling Australian stories. But those things don’t happen without high quality and decently paid staff.

“Australians appreciate and value staff at the ABC and the crucial role they play in people’s day to day lives, and now it is time for management to adopt the same attitude.

“While the CPSU cannot participate in tomorrow’s action, our members will be demonstrating their solidarity by wearing red and continuing to prepare for own industrial action once our Protected Action Ballot closes next week.

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