The Community and Public Sector Union, representing workers in the Australian Public Service, congratulates and welcomes the first Ministry of the new Albanese Government.

The APS is integral to the success of any government, and our members look forward to working with all new Ministers to deliver for the nation.

In particular, CPSU members congratulate Katy Gallagher on her appointment as Minister for the Public Service and look forward to working with her to rebuild the Australia Public Service after a decade of cuts and chaos.

Minister Gallagher has listened to public sector workers in opposition and has been a great advocate for the importance of a strong and independent public service.

CPSU members also welcome Bill Shorten as Minister for the NDIS and Government Services and look forward to working with him to improve access to services across communities.

In opposition Minister Shorten worked hard to challenge the attacks on the NDIS, advocate for participants, and fight the shirking and outsourcing of government services. He also played a critical role bringing pressure to bear on the Morrison Government over the robo-debt scandal.

Quotes attributable to CPSU National Secretary, Melissa Donnelly:

“At a time when so many in the Australian community rely on essential public services, CPSU members are excited to see a government that has a plan to invest and support the public sector, so that our members can support our community.

“The public service has steered Australia through the pandemic, fires, and floods. All Australians rely on the essential services they deliver. But under the last government, we saw the Coalition rip $4bn in funding out of the public service and cut over 8,000 public sector jobs. At the same time, they handed over $5bn to private companies outsourcing public sector work.

“Labor took a real plan for our public service to this election. When the public sector is strong, our communities are strong.

“CPSU members look forward to working across the new Ministry, and in particular welcome the appointment of Minister Gallagher, and look forward to working with it to reduce outsourcing and contractor waste and to rebuild the capacity of our public services.”