Northern Territory public sector workers at Power and Water and Jacana Energy have both once again voted NO to the Gunner Governments dud deal of 0% pay increase for four long years.

Power and Water workers turned out a 67.8% No Vote, sending a strong message to the Gunner Government and the OCPE that Territory workers deserve a real pay rise, not a dodgy taxable bonus.

Jacana workers also rejected the offer - even with the promise of increases to Jacana incremental pay points - because they know that without a real percentage increase to bases salaries, it's a dud deal.

The last of the three agreement ballots, the NTPS Agreement offer ballot closes this Friday 17 December. CPSU members are calling on NTPS workers to VOTE NO to Gunners pay freeze.

Kay Densely, Community and Public Sector Union NT Regional Secretary said, “Workers weren’t fooled by threats and weasel words; they know this offer is not a pay rise. This is a rotten deal, that is a slap in the face to hard working Territorians.

“Despite the Commissioner's attempts to tell workers otherwise - the simple fact is that a taxable lump sum does not equate to a percentage salary increase. After tax, workers won't even receive the full bonus amounts. The taxable bonuses are "gross" in every sense of the word.

“Under the Government’s proposed agreement, salaries remain frozen for four long years. And in four years’ time a worker’s salary will be exactly where it is today, but their family expenses won’t be!

“The Gunner Government’s arrogant approach to the public sector is a real detriment to our Territory economy. At a time when the Territory needs to rebuild, the Government is being enormously short-sighted.

“Chief Minister Gunner has forgotten his responsibility to working people. CPSU members are calling on the Gunner Government to change this outrageous policy, and put the money where it really needs to be – in salaries, not taxable bonuses.