From today until 30 November, ABC staff will have the chance to vote on ABC management’s proposed three-year Enterprise Agreement.

The CPSU is recommending that staff VOTE NO to the ABC offer for three reasons:

  1. The pay is too low. Headline inflation is 7.3% and ABC wages have gone backwards for more than thirteen months already.
  2. Conditions would be cut and eroded.
  3. The offer does not take any reasonable steps to address repeated non-compliance.

ABC staff have the power to set a better course for the organisation. How staff vote not only affect their pay and conditions for the next three years, but those of their colleagues and future ABC staff.

The only way ABC staff can get a fair and better deal now is to VOTE NO. The offer is not good enough and staff deserve better.

The vote is open 21-30 November.

For more information, visit the ABC campaign page here.