The only way to get a better ABC deal now is to VOTE NO

  • All ABC staff will get to have their say on management’s proposed offer from this Monday.
  • Your vote affects your pay and conditions, as well as your colleagues and future ABC staff.
  • Make sure you are well informed before you cast your vote. Click here to access CPSU fact sheets on claims  
  • Voting will stay open until 30 November, so you and your colleagues have time to get all the relevant information you need.
  • CPSU-MEAA recommend staff VOTE NO because it is the only way to get a better deal now. Further details below.

Three reasons CPSU-MEAA do not recommend management’s offer

  1. The pay is sub-inflation and not good enough.
  2. It would erode your current working conditions and leave many ABC staff worse off.
  3. It does not take any reasonable steps to address systemic non-compliance within the organisation.

The power of a strong no vote

  • Last time staff voted no to a proposed EA, management immediately moved to improve their pay and conditions offer and we were able to recommend it to members.
  • Management’s $750 cash bonus does not mitigate your wages going backwards. CPI is creeping towards 8%. Further, the bonus will not be paid until February next year. A successful no vote could secure a better pay increase that delivers long-term benefits to your hip pocket.
  • You deserve better.

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