From today all ABS staff will be eligible to receive the first pay increase under your Section 24(1) determination. This will be included in your pay next week.

This pay rise is 1.9% which is the Wage Price Index amount for June 2021. The next WPI for 2022 will be released (by hard working ABS members!) in September and this will determine your pay rise for next year.

In February this year the majority of members opted for a determination rather than bargaining so you would not be locked into the Morrison Governments’ restrictive bargaining policy. With the election of the new Government this policy will now be scrapped.

The Government has already committed to a fair bargaining process including improvements in conditions, real pay rises and a move towards APS wide bargaining. All the details of this will take some time given the years of inaction.

Next steps

  • This week CPSU Governing Council will be meeting to talk about whole of union campaign for bargaining.
  • Your CPSU delegates will then meet to talk about future options for ABS.
  • In July your representatives will be running meetings for all members and interested staff to talk about the opportunities the new government brings for increased job security and the whole of union plan for bargaining and how the ABS is a key part of this.

In the meantime, we need to have a strong and engaged membership. Now is the time to talk to your colleague who hasn’t joined yet about becoming part of the ABS union.