Below is the log of claims to be endorsed by members. 

CPSU Bargaining Claim: ACT Government

Core Claim:

  • No reduction in conditions
  • Status Quo to remain during Dispute Resolution including timeframes for disputes
  • Flex-time and flex entitlements fairly applied (including PT) Introduction of transition to retirement provisions
  • Greater protection for rostered employees WH&S reporting to Union for critical incidents
  • Provisions to stand up Command Centres

Your Remuneration Package:

  • 5.5% or CPI (whichever is greater) per annum
  • 15.4% Superannuation guarantee
  • Recompense for Senior Officer Grades additional work
  • Removal of ASO6 OT barrier when working at level
  • Minimum OT shift paid if employer cancels shift
  • Payment of Corporate Citizen Allowance (Fire, Union Delegates, Warden, First Aid, HSR, REDD etc)
  • Overpayments protections/Underpayment timeframes
  • Wage theft protections

Your workplace:

  • Flexible working environment encouraged, including Work From Anywhere provisions
  • Flex time provisions strengthened to ensure they cannot be exploited by management
  • Flex time cash out
  • Introduction of Mental Health First Aid Officers
  • Ability for workers to make a report to PSU
  • Permanent part-time work protections
  • Ability for union to run workplace ballots

Your rights at work:

  • Secure Work conversions to proceed including timely response
  • Timeliness and scope of the Preliminary Assessment process
  • Temporary reassignment for non-work-related injuries
  • Automatic conversion for casuals who request, where exceeds 2 years
  • Insourcing provisions updated to reflect legislation
  • Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander qualifications (as per CYPP)
  • Stronger Rest Relief provisions after overtime (see HP EA)
  • Remove annual cap of 7 days personal leave without med certificate
  • Time spent as Labour Hire with ACT Govt to count for increments

General Claims:

  • 6 weeks bonding leave
  • Penalties paid to staff for maladministration by ACTPS
  • Unattached for greater than 18 months leave
  • Right to decline work not specified in duty statement
  • Soft barriers for professional streams
  • Appeals process changed when misconduct discovered
  • Higher Duties work in conjunction with Return to Work