Advice and support for CPSU members

CPSU members often ask for advice about their rights to participate in political activities and their responsibilities as APS employees.

The CPSU affirms the rights of all members, including public servants, to participate in political activities and protests.

Stay safe and smart

In general terms, APS employees should not participate during work time, use work resources for campaigning, or behave in a way that might infer that your political campaigning is a part of your official duties or that your employer supports your political views. APS employees also need to mindful if the topic directly relates to their role in the APS or participation may be seen to affect their capacity to do their job.

Your union is here for you

The union will continue to provide support to any CPSU member who has concerns about facing discrimination or adverse action as a result of lawful participation in such activities.

If you are concerned, please contact our Member Service Centre for expert advice and support. Call 1300 137 636 between 8am and 8pm (AEST).

Don’t wait to get assistance – if you’re unsure of your rights or need guidance, reach out to the Member Service Centre straight away.

You can also download our fact sheet on political campaigning rights