Lack of communication from Australia Post regarding COVID-19

For close to a month, your CPSU representatives have repeatedly requested meetings with Australia Post to discuss COVID related matters such as:

  • The COVID Safe Register 
  • Rapid Antigen Testing introduced in workplaces 
  • Paid Time Vaccination Leave

Unfortunately, recent COVID related announcements such as the COVID Safe Register, Rapid Antigen Testing and others have all been done by Australia Post without prior consultation with your CPSU reps.

We have strong concerns regarding the level of information provided to workers, and whether all workers and your representative HSRs have been consulted on these initiatives. If you have feedback or need any assistance please let us know.

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The CPSU’s position on vaccination

This has been developed based on member feedback and endorsed by CPSU reps and HSRs across the country.

The formal letter your CPSU reps sent on 23 September to senior management in the WHS team is available for you to view here, along with more info about the data the letter is based on. We received acknowledgment of this letter late on Friday, 1 October.

The data in this letter was collated from our earlier union-wide member survey on vaccination access and attitudes. The vast majority of CPSU members told us you either wish to or already have been vaccinated – but there are some obstacles, including access to paid vaccination leave. Do you have further feedback? Speak to your CPSU delegates or email [email protected].

More info on the CPSU in the new normal is available on our shiny new website – check it out here: Your new normal

Your rights around the COVID Safe Register

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has recently updated its advice to employers regarding requests to employees to disclose their vaccination status.

In light of Australia Post’s request that staff disclose their vaccinations status by Wednesday, 6 October, we trust the following information will be helpful. If you are not yet a member of the CPSU and want advice or assistance it is essential you join today.

If you have any concerns, please email [email protected].

Key points

  • Employers can only collect information about employee’s vaccination status in particular circumstances where the employee consents and the collection is reasonably necessary for your workplaces’ functions and activities.
  • Employers must have clear and justifiable reasons for collecting employee vaccination status information for it to be reasonably necessary, otherwise it should not be collected.
  • Employers can collect vaccination status information without consent only in circumstances where the collection is required or authorised by law (including a state or territory public health order or direction). The CPSU notes Australia Post is currently proposing to do this.
  • Only the minimum amount of personal information reasonably necessary to maintain a safe workplace should be collected, used or disclosed.
  • Vaccination status information should only be used or disclosed on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.
  • Employers must inform employees about how their vaccination status information will be handled.
  • Employers must take reasonable steps to keep employee vaccination status and related health information secure.

You can read the full advice here: 

OAIC advice to employers
OAIC advice to employees  


As this update was being developed, Australia Post management finally acknowledged our requests for consultation and confirmed a meeting for tomorrow morning. We will keep you posted!