Today you are being asked to decide if you would rather have a s24(1) Determination or commence bargaining.

CPSU members and delegates have indicated that they will put their hand up for a Determination.

In our recent snap poll, 72% of members told us they would rather have a determination than bargain now.


  • The current Morrison Government bargaining policy is unfair and restrictive. It caps pay rises at the private sector WPI for the June quarter of the previous year. The June 2021 WPI was 1.9%. The bargaining policy also means no improvement to conditions can be won without commensurate losses to you.
  • If we bargain now workers will be locked into an agreement for 3 years.
  • With a S24(1) determination you are locked into the same pay deal but if the bargaining policy improves and the majority of workers want to bargain, this is an option. It gives members more flexibility.
  • Members want the opportunity to bargain at a time of their choosing if the bargaining policy changes and improves

The choice is yours and we are encouraging everyone to have their say and participate in the survey that was distributed this morning in an email from Dr David Gruen.

If you’re unsure you can always consult our updated FAQs or speak to one of your amazing delegates.