CPSU and MEAA Bargaining representatives will be meeting with David Anderson Monday 6 March at 11.30am.

The ABC leadership has indicated that David will be coming to this meeting “to provide a counter-offer to staff’.

In anticipation of a revised offer, the CPSU has sought national paid time meetings for union members on Tuesday to discuss at the earliest opportunity.

This Tuesday, we are also asking CPSU members to wear red to work to show your support for a better deal in solidarity with MEAA colleagues who will be taking a 40-minute work stoppage in the afternoon.

A couple of things to note:

  1. CPSU members cannot lawfully participate in the MEAA’s 40-minute stoppage because your Protected Action Ballot is still running and protected CPSU action has not been approved by the Fair Work Commission yet.
  2. Joint meetings with MEAA members on Tuesday to discuss any revised offer may not be possible due to the MEAA members planned industrial action. However the two unions are in daily contact and we will have more to report to members on Monday after our meeting with David Anderson.