2021 has been a huge year, and for many people it has been another hard one.

CPSU members working together have kept workplaces safe and advanced the issues that matter to us at work.

Your CPSU delegates and Health and Safety Representatives have worked incredibly hard to secure paid vaccination leave and entitlements for those who need it. We’re also fighting for and winning working from home rights, across the public sector.

In the Federal Budget in May, we scrapped the APS-wide ASL cap and delivered 5000 new APS jobs.

We’ve campaigned to convert casual positions into permanent employment, and labour hire work into APS jobs.

And we’ve maintained our focus on core industrial issues, with bargaining campaigns starting to escalate in many Commonwealth agencies, and bargaining due to start again in the ACT next year. Our members in NT Government have been standing firm against the Gunner Government’s attempt to freeze wages for 4 years.

Next year is a big one too

Some time before the end of May, we’ll go to a Federal Election. We’re pretty unique in being able to vote for our bosses, and the stakes this time are really high, with stark differences in how the major parties would approach working with you.

I hope you get some time to rest and recuperate with your friends and family, and I look forward to working with you next year.