As a result of CPSU campaigning last year, hundreds of casuals in the ATO and Services Australia have been made an offer of ongoing employment.

But we need to keep up the pressure. The government has created a loop-hole in the laws to make it easier for APS agencies to deny employees ongoing employment. The CPSU will continue to press hard so that agencies meet their obligations under the Fair Work Act.

In July last year when Services Australia said it didn’t have to apply the new laws, the CPSU took the matter to the Fair Work Commission, and Services Australia was forced to change its position. Read more about that here.

In November, the CPSU brought a second case to the Fair Work Commission, when a number of casuals were denied permanency even though they met the eligibility criteria and were sitting in active merit pools. The case was heard in February and March this year, and we are now waiting for the Fair Work Commission’s decision.

We’ll let members know as soon as we get a result. And we will keep pushing for pathways to permanency for APS casuals.