As MoG change consultation continues, focus is sharpening on the issues that matter to members that we’re continuing to pursue with the new department.

All staff are invited to attend one of our paid time meetings to find out more and have your say. In the meantime, here are 5 things you need to know:

1. ‘No enhancement’? What the!?

CPSU members and delegates have worked hard to win big changes – including around better public services, respect for the rights of workers and around APS workplace relations. The new Government made solid commitments to abolishing the ‘no-enhancements’ rule, removing the wage cap, and for fair and genuine negotiations. The CPSU is concerned that, as at 6 July, the stated criteria for assessing a proposed DEWR determination reflected a continuation of the previous Government’s bargaining policy. We are seeking clarification and expect further and ongoing consultations with employees and your union as per current Government commitments.

2. All staff paid time meetings.

All staff are invited to attend a CPSU paid time meeting to find out more, get a copy of our broad AGD-DESE conditions comparison analysis, and have your say. 

Please see your delegate or organiser for details.

3. Members making a difference.

We are pleased to report that consultation thus far is making a difference including:

Restoration of the professional recognition of Government Lawyers that was lost in a previous Machinery of Government change (seeking confirmation of eligibility requirements).

AGD graduates to have approved study assistance continue.

4. Still seeking, no disadvantage.

We are continuing to seek that members’ are not disadvantaged as a result of these MoG changes, as we believe this is a key element of a smooth transition. Priority areas raised thus far include:

  • Higher duties at AGD applies after five days fulltime work and ten days part time.? Under the DET EA, TPL is only payable after 10 continuous working days and must be where it is expected to go for 10 days or more.
  • Personal/carers leave – AGD has 20 days and DESE have only 18.
  • Flexible access to maternity and parental leave – at AGD a couple may elect to share up to six weeks’ paid parental leave. We are seeking the option for AGD employees to retain this flexibility (where they choose to) in addition to parental leave conditions broadly at DESE.
  • AGD study assistance policy provisions – At DESE study assistance is capped at $3000 per year, where AGD policy is capped at $3071 per unit and staff can undertake multiple units.
  • Ensuring no further pay freezes for employees sitting above pay classification.
  • Other conditions where an employee is identified as worse off (for example DLO and First Aid Officer rates).

5. Join your union today.

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