Access the CPSU WHS report on worker wellbeing at the NDIA

The CPSU produced this report on behalf of workers in the NDIA affected by the rollout and implementation of 3P and PACE. We asked about incident and hazard reporting (Speak-Up’s) and for information about your experiences with 3P and PACE. 

In the CPSU WHS survey, workers identified many psychosocial hazards associated with 3P and PACE. The CPSU has consulted with union members, delegates, Section Councilors and HSR’s to present recommendations on;

  • Immediate and necessary actions that need to be taken prior to implementation of ‘interim’ and ongoing KPIs
  • Training and support measures for workers
  • Speaks ups
  • Client aggression and clients in distress
  • HSRs

Members can access this report via the link below. Please note that you will need to be logged in with your member details to view and access the link.