What’s happened?

Since the dispute, management has amended the advice that was on the intranet, which said staff could not apply for more than 2 days working from home, saying:

“We have investigated the intranet information you highlighted on Flexible Working arrangements and the Agency’s minimum requirements. I would like to acknowledge that the wording could have been misconstrued and we have taken steps to clarify and update the information to be in line with the Agency’s policies and guidelines. Unfortunately, this information was included by someone outside the HR team and has remained on the intranet for quite a period of time. We were not aware of this information and would like to thank you for bringing it to our attention so that we could change the wording.”

The new advice makes it clear that individual circumstances must be taken into account and anyone can apply for flexible working arrangements under section 65 of the Fair Work Act.

What's next?

The NDIA has agreed to meet with CPSU reps soon to try and resolve the dispute.

If you need immediate assistance with WFH arrangements, please join the CPSU today.