It’s time for NGA staff to Vote No to cuts

See our full analysis including the 40 proposed cuts.

All eligible employees will receive voting information from TrueVote. If you have not received this or need support you can contact TrueVote on 1300 360 287 or email [email protected]. If you have any issues with eligibility, please let us know.

The vote will be open to midday on Monday 31 January 2022. Voting is anonymous and NGA management won’t know if or how you voted.

Vote No today

And let us know when you’re done

What happens if I Vote No?

Voting No will continue your current agreement, prevent the 40 proposed NGA cuts, and allow us to return to the bargaining table. Your bargaining team would seek for the NGA to agree to re-commence negotiations as soon as possible after a No Vote.

Help us win

Voting No is step one. But to win the agreement you deserve we need the resources, clout and credibility that comes from more people being members of the union.

While the government has doubled down on their ‘no enhancements’ approach, many proposed cuts are NGA management initiated, which means Voting No and working together can stop them.

Join today to help us get the best agreement for Gallery staff.

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