New Work From Home (WFH) Policy Announcement

Good news everyone! After months of negotiations, your CPSU reps have succeeded in getting Australia Post to announce the new WFH Policy! It’s now available on ISAAC or here. CPSU members and reps have been advocating for the release of the new WFH Policy, so that members can begin to apply for their future WFH Agreements

Note, the release of this policy does not mean anyone is required to return to working out of offices. Current work from home arrangements are a COVID safety control – and CPSU has requested that Post give you a minimum of six weeks warning to transition back to office based or hybrid based work. In the meantime, working from the office should remain on a voluntary basis only.

The CPSU has put together a Know your Rights member guide to the new WFH Policy. You can download the member guide “Know your rights: Aus Post WFH Policy” here. CPSU delegates and organisers are here to support you and help you with your WFH Application.

Is anyone being forced to return to the workplace?

A small number of office based CPSU members have reported that they feel they have been directed back into the workplace. However, Post continue to advise that while offices have been reopened, it is not compulsory to attend. Your reps have requested multiple times from Australia Post that any direction to return to offices include a minimum six week notice period.

If you feel you have been forced back into the workplace mandatorily and would like help, please email Suwan Adamson.

Is WFH Important to you or someone you know?

WFH has become a normal part of working at Australia Post. As a CPSU member you have been vital in achieving access to WFH via enterprise bargaining and the CPSU Aus Post MOU negotiations. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who needs support.

If WFH is important to you and you are not yet a member you should join now today or by calling 1300 137 636.

We would not have been able to achieve this outcome without members.