In the last CPSU membership poll, 52% indicated overall support for the APS-wide pay and conditions package on offer. Members were satisfied with the significant improvement in conditions but wanted to see the government do better on the pay offer.


What was the last package?

The package included a pay offer of 11.2% (4% in year 1, 3.8% in year 2, 3.4% in year 3), progress on pay equity, realignment payments for agencies due increases before the new common pay rise date in March, and landmark conditions improvements such as job security, working from home and flexible work, consultation rights, significant increases to paid parental leave, and more.

A narrow window to campaign with no delays

We had a narrow window to campaign to get an improvement on pay without delaying bargaining outcomes or putting the conditions package at risk. We did that, escalating quickly through industrial action, APS-wide campaigning, and lobbying.

Improvement to pay - an additional payment added to the package

The government has now moved, and is offering an additional payment to employees.

  • The additional payment is the equivalent of 0.92% of an employee’s salary.
  • For example, for an employee at the top of the range in Services Australia, this amounts to $724 for an APS4, $933 for an APS6, and $1119 for an EL1.
  • Employees would receive this payment as a lump sum as soon as possible after a successful enterprise agreement ballot, and not have to wait for Fair Work Commission approval of the EA, which can take time.

The 0.92% payment is calculated on the basis of moving forward the first pay date from 14 March 2024 to 21 December 2023. Due to the expected timing of enterprise agreement ballots, this will be paid as a lump sum payment.

Click here to go to our campaign page which includes:

  • a summary of payments available under the proposed offer and
  • a snapshot of the conditions improvements negotiated by the CPSU.

The conditions package and the pay equity increases have been protected, and remain unchanged.

The CPSU has undertaken protected industrial action wherever members have supported it and that action has helped build the pressure on Government to move on pay. The outcomes on offer are the best that can be achieved without widespread and protracted industrial action right across the APS.

Members have said they want outcomes on time. The union recommends the package and notes that it will deliver members strong conditions and improved pay without delays.

Check your email for you unique voting link to tell us if you accept the revised APS wide package

This poll will close at midday next Thursday, 30 November.