Negotiations have now turned to some final issues, including the CPSU claim for superannuation to be paid for hours currently designated as overtime hours.

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CPSU members have stated that because DCOs and Chaperones often work outside of the ordinary span of hours, they are frequently paid at overtime rates for which superannuation is not payable. CPSU members have asked for this to change and we have proposed payment of shift loading for hours worked outside the ordinary span of hours, enabling superannuation to also be paid.

SIA management have stated that there are two camps on this issue, one that wants to receive superannuation on their overtime hours; the other that does not want such a decision to affect their in-pocket earnings.” It is important to note that the CPSU proposal does not involve any such trade-off. We are seeking that superannuation be payable on all hours worked. This would involve a very modest cost increase for the employer and no cut to substantive earnings for any casual employee.

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At our last meeting held on 2 September, SIA management offered to facilitate salary sacrifice arrangements for staff wanting to put more of their earnings into superannuation. The CPSU agreed that this would be a positive initiative. However, we advocated that this should apply in addition to superannuation being paid on all hours worked. Management has now agreed to consider the CPSU position further.

To determine the level of support for the CPSU claim that superannuation should be paid for all casual hours worked, without any trade-off to your in-pocket earnings, we have put together a quick poll for all SIA casual employees - including both CPSU members and those who have not yet joined.

A significant win on pay

CPSU members' campaigning has seen SIA management drop its proposed 2% cap on pay increases, AND its proposal to make your pay increases subject to a unilateral affordability assessment.

This is a big win for your pay, and would not have been achieved without the actions of CPSU members.

We are happy to report that SIA management has now agreed to offer pay increases in line with the private sector WPI, as per the Government’s policy. On top of this, SIA management has also reported that with the help of information provided by the CPSU, the APSC has advised that the 6-month APS wage freeze will no longer apply to Sport Integrity Australia.

These are significant improvements to the employer bargaining position that can be attributed to the strength and dedication of CPSU members in Sport Integrity!

Upcoming meetings

The CPSU will also be holding virtual paid time meetings on Wednesday, 15 September to discuss the above issues and provide an update on bargaining negotiations to casual staff. Meetings will be held using Microsoft teams. We will be in touch about registration soon. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]