Through ongoing consultation with the CPSU, Telstra has updated its COVID policy to include Rapid Antigen Testing for some sites.

The CPSU will always advocate for your safety. This means ensuring employers take all reasonably practicable steps to minimise COVID-19 risks.

Rapid Antigen Testing introduced at some Telstra sites

Telstra’s Covid-19 Vaccination Policy has been revised and now includes Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) for the Global Operations Centre, Triple Zero sites and certain Department of Defence on-site facilities. The COVID situation is rapidly changing and while it wasn’t ideal to consult over the Christmas period, Telstra advised that it needed to take swift action to ensure the safety of the workers in these critical settings.

Unions have ensured that Telstra will pay for and allocate RAT kits to employees who must meet these policy requirements.

Do you need to provide proof of your negative RAT result?

Telstra has advised that it will ask you to show proof of your negative RAT to your People Leader or a nominated authorised person in your work environment each time you attend work (e.g., a screenshot from your smartphone).

What happens if I have a positive RAT result?

If you test positive, you’ll need to complete a Donesafe and log the RAT result as evidence. If you do not have access to Donesafe at home please contact your manager for assistance. You may also need to notify relevant health authorities in your home location in accordance with Government guidelines.

The CPSU will continue to work with Telstra to ensure you are safe while you are at work.

Consultation to extend RAT for employees in customer facing teams

Telstra has now commenced consultation on its intention to extend the introduction of RATs for employees in customer-facing teams in Retail and Field Operations. Unlike the Global Operations Centre and Triple Zero sites, it will not be a requirement for employees to use a RAT every day before attending work.

Telstra is proposing, however, that employees will be required to undertake a RAT and produce a result that is negative to COVID-19 before attending work in the following circumstances:

  • There has been a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in your workplace and you are directed by your People Leader or an authorised person in your business to undertake a RAT; 
  • You are feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms; 
  • You are a close contact of a person at or outside of work who has tested positive to COVID-19.

Do you have questions or feedback on the policy changes for customer facing teams?

We invite you to provide your questions and feedback here by 19 January 2022.

The CPSU encourage employees to comply with all COVID protocols and health orders. If you are unsure if what you are being asked to do is reasonable contact our Member Service Centre for advice and assistance 1300 137 636.