The Commissioner has now sent you the revised offer for your next agreement.

While it certainly include some progressive changes, including additional leave, there is one glaring omission - there is still no pay rise for four long years.

A number of matters from your union claim have been addressed, but a number of others have been ignored, such as paid time to isolate if you are required to get tested when you come in potential contact with COVID-19 in the course of your work, and still no super paid when you are injured at work and received workers compensation.

We are yet to see the wording of the proposals which is always important to ensure that the entitlement they say you will get is indeed the entitlement you can access.

What happens now

The agreement needs to be available for you all to see for at least 7 days prior to a vote, and we will have further analysis in coming days.

The Commissioner will want to put the offer out for a vote as soon as possible, saying that they want to ensure you have paid leave this Christmas and the taxable bonus payment.

But we say you deserve better

The Gunner Government still wants to impose a long, four year wage on freeze on NTPS workers, despite a 6.1% increase to Darwin CPI in the last quarter, and with the cost of living set to rise even further. Members know they can't pay the rent with a few days extra leave at Christmas.