Many of you will have been relieved to read on Thursday morning that management has decided to take an extra two months to consider the proposed new operational model.

Your union representatives would like to thank every member (and non-member) who participated in the consultation process by either attending union meetings, doing surveys, contacting us directly to provide feedback, and for signing the CPSU petition. Without your direct participation throughout this process and your active engagement, management would not have stopped to listen and consider your views!

Your union acted swiftly upon hearing of the proposed change back on 21 March and immediately raised concerns about the quality of information provided to staff, the way in which the roadshow meetings were run, and the fact no apparent steps were being taken by management to mitigate adverse effects on staff as a result of the proposed model.

The CPSU notified of a consultation dispute within a week of the proposal being tabled and took management to the Fair Work Commission. Your union has held management accountable every step of the way and through this achieved a longer consultation period which enabled us to seek members views and submit lengthy and detailed feedback and recommendations on behalf of members.

In the space of just one week, 117 union members and staff signed a petition to Sia Lagos and David Pringle voicing their concerns about potential job losses if the model were to go ahead.

We can say with confidence had members not made so much noise about this proposal we would be in a very different situation – when we make noise, we make a difference!

What happens now?

First and foremost, we continue to apply pressure and do not waver from our position.

Your union representatives met with management yesterday where we asked that exact question. We’ve been advised the project team will continue to meet over the next few months to decide what to do: make adjustments to the model, leave it as is, or potentially scrap the whole thing.

Union reps stated if management had conducted the consultation process properly, none of the angst and turmoil staff have felt over the past two months would have been necessary. To ensure there is transparency in this next stage of the process we have asked for the following:

  • The feedback line continues to be open for staff to ask questions and send in their thoughts.
  • The FAQs on the intranet be updated regularly.
  • Management continues to meet with the union regularly.

Management has already agreed to the above, we have asked for one more thing we consider to be crucial in the successful development of any future model - the creation of a working group comprised of CPSU reps, members, and other interested staff, who would work alongside the project team.

Management is considering this request and we’ll keep you updated. Let us know what you think, would you be interested in joining such a group?

While no definite decision has been made, CPSU will continue to advocate for our members, maintain our position, and keep members regularly updated.