Yesterday your CPSU bargaining team met with Telstra for the last time in 2021.

Over the last two meetings there have been discussions around two main topics; the Retail Enterprise Agreement and unions claims around leave. At yesterday's meeting Telstra also announced its intention to bring forward your next pay rise.

Collaborate Bargaining brings about 0.5% payrise

Telstra announced yesterday that due to EA negotiations progressing constructively it is not going to wait to pass on a 0.5% pay rise to boost your fixed remuneration. This was originally going to be passed on when the new agreement had been voted up and approved by the Fair Work Commission.

Telstra advised it will be proceeding with a policy pay rise on 22 January 2022. This is 0.5% for everyone covered by the Telstra EA (excluding retail casuals). This offer brings the boost in pay to 2% when added to the 1.5% paid in October this year.

Unions have supported bringing forward the proposed pay rise, but have advised Telstra that whilst this is welcomed, the unions will be seeking a greater quantum of pay to be included in the new Enterprise Agreement.

Retail EA

Telstra wants separate enterprise agreements covering retail staff and the new employees of Vita Group, which Telstra purchased earlier in December 2021. Telstra’s claims include changes to hours and penalties but also changes to the incentive plans to ensure a higher base rate and less at-risk salary.

Telstra has also confirmed it is not seeking to move Vita Group employees off their expired 2008 employee agreement and onto the Telstra EA now but will seek to do it through the commencement of a new proposed agreement.

Unions are still working through these issues and discussing them with Telstra.

Leave provisions – union claim

Your union bargaining team had sought to remove Telstra’s ability to direct employees to take annual and long service leave to allow workers to control how they use their leave.

Disappointingly Telstra has indicated it doesn't wish to change this. Telstra has, however, advised that it does not intend to reduce existing leave entitlements and also said it is looking to improve leave in some other areas. Unions are still discussing these topics with Telstra and pressing the unions claim.

Next steps

Your bargaining team is set to meet with Telstra back at the bargaining table in mid-January 2022.

What you can do to help

  1. Ask a colleague to join our union online or by calling 1300 137 636 – the more members we have the more power we have to resolve bargaining and protect the conditions that matter to you.
  2. Get active in your union – to improve your workplace we need active members and delegates in Telstra. For more info on how you can get involved email Hayley Moody.

Farewell to Paul Girdler

After a mammoth 28 years working for our union, Paul Girdler heads into retirement. Paul has made a massive contribution to our union and our members as a CPSU Lead Organiser. Paul has played a central role in representing members in Telstra over the years and we wish him all the best. Hayley Moody is your newly appointed CPSU National Organiser for Telstra.

On behalf of the Telstra organising team here at the CPSU, we would like to thank for all your hard work over another challenging year. Your continuing support of the CPSU is invaluable in helping us to achieve the best industrial outcomes for all members.

We wish you and your families a safe, happy holiday and new year.