ABC Bargaining 2019

Staff have formally rejected the ABC’s offer - what's next?

ABC Bargaining Post No-Vote

ABC staff have formally rejected the ABC’s proposed one-year offer, and ABC management has communicated its intention to continue negotiations with the ABC staff unions shortly.

Our goal is to get back to the ABC bargaining table quickly so that we can negotiate and finalise a 3-year deal without further delay.

ABC staff deserve certainty, fairness and a respectful deal.

To support CPSU members to get the best deal possible, we need to do three things:

  1. We need to maintain pressure on the ABC Executive’s bargaining team
  2. We need to ask more people who voted NO in the all-staff vote to join the CPSU
  3. We need to quickly lodge an application so that you can take legal protected industrial action if you need to.

The process to get protected action approved by the Fair Work Commission can take 6-8 weeks which is why we need to make the application now. Your CPSU delegates have already started talking to union members about what kinds of actions will be most effective in their work areas. Actions can range from 30-minute to 24-hour stoppages and partial work bans.

For more information please speak to your local CPSU delegate or organiser.

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