Plus 3 percent

Join the campaign to increase super for people working in the NTPS.
Right now an NTPS employee receives 9.5% guaranteed superannuation contributions compared to 15.4% in the APS and 12.5% at the Central and Northern Land Councils.
The ACT Governments has committed to increasing guaranteed superannuation contributions.
It’s time for the NT Government to do the same and commit to increasing superannuation for NTPS workers by 3% over the next five years.

This calculator is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a financial planning tool.

Take Action: Send a message to the Chief Minister

Public sector workers across the NT are calling on the Chief Minister to commit to increasing their super by 3%.

Here's how you can join them:

  1. Take action and send a postcard now - Ask your workplace delegate/contact or email for your postcard.
  2. Sign your postcard and return to your delegate/workplace contact. If you don't know who your delegate is email
  3. We need every NTPS worker on board to make sure our message is heard. Talk to your colleagues and encourage them to send their message too.

Not yet a member? The more members we have the louder our message is heard. Join today here