Scrap the Cap

Permanent jobs make a difference.

We all know that having secure work makes a difference

It’s better for the community we serve and better for the people doing the work when jobs in our sector are ongoing.

The Coalition has capped the size of the Australian Public Service to around or below 2006-07 staffing levels. This means that regardless of how much work needs to be done, agencies are forced to arbitrarily limit their staff. This is one of the reasons why labour hire, outsourcing and contracting has been increasing.

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Labour hire, outsourcing and privatisation take money out of workers’ pockets and give them to private companies

Staff and the community are worse off and the only winners are corporations. We need to get rid of the ASL cap so we can have the staff we need to get the work done.

We all deserve fair pay and decent work.

CPSU members have been taking action against the Coalitions staffing cap, which is driving the use of costly, wasteful and opaque overuse of contractors, consultants and labour-hire in the Australian Public Service #scrapthecap

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