Vale Michael Gleave: 1949-2017

The staff, members and officials of the CPSU are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear comrade Michael Gleave.

Michael died early on Friday morning  after a long battle with cancer.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Cheryl, their family and Michael’s many friends throughout the union movement, the Labor Party and beyond.

Michael was an energetic, generous and thoroughly decent man who spent his life representing working people and campaigning on a wide range of progressive issues from anti-apartheid to workers’ rights to protecting public services.

A natural leader, Michael spent much of his time at the CPSU mentoring and encouraging younger union staff and delegates, sharing the insights and knowledge he’d built-up over many years in the movement.   

Michael started out as a CPSU delegate in Customs, leading workplace campaigns and strikes.

After becoming an official in the NSW branch, he played a key role in the move to modernise our union and adapt to challenging times.

Michael has represented members in every area of our coverage and in more recent years became a much-respected leader within the Members Service Centre. He retired from the CPSU in July 2013.

Away from work Michael was a passionate sports fan who regularly crossed the globe to support his beloved Socceroos and was recently thrilled to see Sydney FC win the grand final. He was equally passionate about music and everything Cuban – from politics to rum!  

He will be sadly missed.

Adios amigo. Muchas gracias

Funeral details

Michael's funeral service will be held at South Chapel, Woronora Memorial Park, 121 Linden Street, Sutherland on Thursday 18 May at 2:00pm. 

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  • 1973 Workplace Delegate in Customs
  • 1974-1977 NSW Branch Councillor and Executive Member
  • 1976 Dept of Employment and Industrial Relations
  • 1977-1982 NSW Branch Assistant Secretary
  • 1983 -1991 NSW Branch President
  • 1991 Granted Life Membership
  • 1994-1996 Out posted from Dept of Employment to Labor Council of NSW
  • 1996-2004 NSW Dept of Industrial Relations Award Enquiry Service (member of NSW PSA)
  • 2005-2013 CPSU Member Service Centre

Throughout the 1980s Michael was also part time member of the Merit Protection and Review Agency and a Director of the Trade Union Medical Centre.

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Michael was a wonderful and generous person. He made an enormous contribution to the CPSU, its members and staff, and the union movement more broadly. Michael's contribution to the union will continue, through the many staff and officials he mentored. Michael will always remembered fondly at the CPSU and never forgotten.

Melissa Donnelly
Deputy Secretary

So sorry to hear this news. Was fortunate to have overlapped with Michael at CPSU and remember him fondly, especially when walking past photos on our office walls feature his classic signature mo. My thoughts are with family and friends. Presente siempre!

People who do great things without the need for adulation and acclaim are the greatest of all. Will always remember every minute of talking to Michael about the world game and South America and Cuba, Condolences to Cheryl and family RIP x

Michael was one of the most 'straight-up' people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. He had an old-school streak of decency that was a mile wide. He was a real leader and mentor who gave his time generously to the rest of us when we were learning the ropes. Cheeky, warm, strategic and deeply knowledgeable about everything from obscure IR legislation to the Buena Vista Social Club. My heart goes out to his lovely wife Cheryl. Michael was class act all the way and he will be deeply missed. RIP

One of life's true gentleman has passed us by, all that knew Michael will be feeling the loss. Thank you Michael for your dedication, your work and your friendship over the years. Cheryl, so very,very sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace to such a wonderful generous person. Thanks for all the knowledge shared and travel conversations at the pub. You will be missed by all that knew you. My deepest sympathies to you family and friends during this difficult time.

Michael was a guy who patiently listened to you with a twinkle in his eye, before giving you some straight forward and knowledgeable advice. More often then not you did what you were going to end up doing anyway but if he agreed your confidence was sky high. I remember as I was getting to know him being constantly surprised that he knew all about that subject, and that subject and that subject as well. I will always hold him in great esteem for his compassion, knowledge and like others have said, his no ego no attention needed for his work/skills/assistance. He just did good. My well wishes to Michaels family.

They say only the good die young and Michael was the best. His leadership was strong and fair, his knowledge was boundless, his passion was endless and his love for the union movement, Cuba, Soccer and his colleagues was wholeheartedly given but his love for his wife Cheryl was above all. He was truly a gentlemen and so respected by anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him and will be deeply missed. My deepest condolences to Cheryl and family. RIP Michael

Vale Michael. As my first lead organiser, your quiet conviction that I could do it is what convinced me to keep at it and build my knowledge and confidence. Thank you.
Cheryl, I am glad is no longer suffering but my heart goes out to you, losing his companionship and love for you is short shrift. Much love.

Farewell Michael.
What a what a union stalwart you have been. A man with so much knowledge and experience, always willing to help and share. A good man gone too soon. Love to all that will miss him.

Goodbye to Michael who will be very much missed by his CPSU family. Michael was always the loveliest person to work with and put his heart and huge knowledge into looking after CSPU members. He will always be remembered.

Michael was a champion. One of the world's beautiful people. A caring and supportive comrade and mentor, a staunch unionist, a good, good person. Part of the soul of the CPSU. We will miss you Michael.

Michael was my brigade leader to Cuba in 1985 and over the years I shared his passion with him for all things Cuban. I also knew him as a dedicated and principled unionist. I am devastated at the news. He truly was a fantastic human being and friend. My deepest sympathies to his family.

Like so many others, Michael was a great mentor and friend to me. He was a true unionist and gentleman who understood the big picture in a way that few people can. He inspired confidence through his thoughtful and considered leadership, and was a role model for integrity and real union values. His support and encouragement, along with our sessions at the GSH, will always remain some of my fondest memories. I am grateful for having shared some of his incredible life, and greatly saddened by his passing.

Cheryl, thank you for sharing him with us. My deepest and most sincere condolences to you and your family.

Rest in peace, comrade.

I worked with Michael for 7 years and was there when he retired. I shared many conversations with Michael at the lower office and over the span of those conversations learnt a lot about the history of the CPSU, the movement, organising and the game of football.

I recall he telling me how back in the day the way they checked if you were doing your job as an organiser is by the amount of petrol you used in your car. He was given a telephone book and told to go and organise. I often wish I was around those days. I hear much of the glory of those days from many elder unionists.

I'm genuinely surprised to hear of his passing and I wish his family the strength to deal with what is clearly the loss of a great man. I don't say that lightly, I genuinely don't write vales often but I knew I had to for Michael.

Catch you when my times up Comrade, love your work.

I first met Michael when he was ACOA NSW branch president in the eighties. It was a rough and tumble time in the union then and he was a steady hand. Our paths crossed again during the Howard era, when CPSU was being decimated by redundancies and morale was collapsing. Michael was a source of great advice during a bleak period. He then came back to work for his old union in the servic centre. gentle and strong. Go well mate.
Mal Larsen

So sorry to hear the news. The CPSU has lost one of it's most committed and loyal supporters. It will never be the same. Hope you're enjoying a beer with Charlie. Vale Michael x

So sad to hear of Michael's passing. Michael was a totally committed and principled unionist who's calm voice and level head was invaluable during many disputes and dramas.

I moved from Melbourne to Sydney to work for the NSW Branch in the late 80's while Michael was President. He not only supported me at work but also looked out for me and my partner inviting us around to his house for dinner on several occasions. We maintained a friendship ever since. I will miss Michael, his humour and words of wisdom.

My thoughts and condolences to Cheryl, family and friends.

Michael was a great mentor and role model to many of us. He was such a wise and knowledgeable man. The phrase “Just ask Michael” or “Michael will know” were commonplace in the MSC as we relied upon his guidance so frequently. He was also a great friend and will be missed very much. Hope you're having a drink with Charlie and Ian. Rest in Peace Michael.

A decent man in every way. A loyal friend who always made the time to help others. A great loss to his family and the movement. The world has lost someone who made it a better place. Our thoughts are with Cheryl and the family - rest in peace comrade

Vale Michael. You gave us all so much, from leading our union in NSW in our early days to coming back to mentor young people and pass on your wisdom. So many have benefited from your wisdom and work (and picked up some love of Cuba and soccer along the way!). You leave a legacy any would be proud of. My condolences to Cheryl, Michael's family, friends and comrades.

I first met Michael in the mid 1980s when he was the ACOA NSW State President. I saw him chairing mass meetings with thousands of union members, including groups of members who were opposed to almost anything that was proposed by the 'officials. And there was Michael in control keeping the meeting focused. It was only later I realised how much fun he was having.

Michael's passionate support for Cuba during all the years it was boycotted by the US was unwavering. I am glad after all those years that Michael was there to see Obama withdraw the sanctions.

When Michael came back working for the CPSU I think it was to help members... and have fun. And fun he had.

Farewell Michael, a comrade in every way.

Vale comrade Michael! What a contribution you made to unionism & progressive politics. I will always remember your personal kindness to me after the amalgamation of the old ABC Staff Union & the ACOA. Thanks for everything & condolences to your family, friends & comrades.

You were one of the good blokes. And you believed in me.

Christine Kibble and I visited Michael in the St George Private Hospital and were very glad to be able to see him before his death, which we realised was imminent. He had been such a good comrade. I was part of a Cuban Work Brigade he was in charge of in 1986. He was such a good mate and a very good team leader - and a comrade we were proud to have as a leader. He was such fun and I shall miss him. My love goes to Cheryl who has been a wonderful wife to him and cared for him well during all his life and particularly in the latter part of his life. Comrade Michael we will miss you but thank you for all you have done for us.


Sad to hear of the loss of a good man and socially committed unionist. Heartfelt condolences to family and friends. Vale Michael.

So many decades of service and throughout each there were so many young delegates, organisers and officials who Michael supported and encouraged. Such a good bloke and a rock solid comrade. Vale.

I'm deeply saddened to hear of Michael's death. He was the NSW Assistant Secretary before me, many years ago. I couldn't have taken on the role without his patient advice and gentle guidance. I have many fond memories of him, delighted to see that his fabulous moustache endured through all the years. Love and sympathy to you Cheryl.

Such sad, sad news. I received an email from Michael less than a fortnight ago. He knew his time was almost up, but sounded so calm. He said the thing he most missed in retirement was "socialising with you guys". His approach to death was as inspiring as his approach to life. He was a warm, generous man and my heart goes out to Cheryl, his family and friends.

Very sorry to hear this. I remember Michael with affection from those years from the 70s-90s, when we ACT delegates and officers engaged in lengthy discussions, arguments and deals to get the best policies up at the various national bodies. Best wishes to his family.

Vale Michael: the world is now a poorer place.
Michael was a stalwart & successful leader in the union & political movements in Australia: he was an empathetic listener & excelled as a mentor to many, a strategic thinker & negotiator. He was also a genuinely nice person, selfless & fun to be with: a true friend.
His strategic national leadership through the tumultuous period of the highly successful evolution of ACOA from a conservative staff association into a leading left union, the amalgamations of ACOA, APSA, POA, FCU etc, etc & of ACTU & CAGEO, positively transformed the face & potency of unionism in Australia.
Michael continued to apply his passion & skill in the CPSU.
A comrade to the end.
My deepest condolences to Cheryl, family & all others who loved Michael.

I’m very sorry to hear of Michael’s passing. I was one of a long list of young MSC organisers that Michael took under his wing during the mid-2000s. As a team leader, he was an incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and generous with his time. I’m very fortunate and honoured to call Michael both a mentor, and a friend.

Rest well, Michael. Thank you for everything. My deepest condolences to Cheryl, his family and friends, and fellow comrades.

When Michael retired from CPSU I was on matlernity leave. I sent him my well wishes by email to which he replied 'working life is long, enjoy your family.' I think of this simple but important advice often and with Michael's passing, it means more to me now than ever.

I have such fond memories of the years we worked closely, including 1984-88 as full time ACOA delegates to Promotion Appeals Committees and over years on NSW Branch Executive, National Council. MPRA, An inciteful and balanced man, deeply ethical, loyal, fair. passionate about Cuba and Cheryl.
I last saw him at John Flitcroft's funeral when we chatted about meeting up and, sadly, never did.
My thoughts are with you, Cheryl. From my now 18 year experience, being a widow sucks.


Words are not enough to describe your contribution and legacy justly. Your example - as a friend and comrade - remains eternal and forever in my quite broken heart.

Adios compañero xo

Michael attended Ryde High School in the 1960's. While the boys discussed beer and pornography, Michael had analysed the Vietnam war and considered the influence of China, France and the US on a feudal system.
He was a caring person and inspired many political discussions based on compassion. His life has continued on that path.
Farewell Michael.

I am so sad to hear of Michael's passing. He was a great mentor and role model during my time at CPSU. It seems fitting that he was in my thoughts on Sunday as I read his letter in the Herald. Condolences to Cheryl and all his family and friends. Vale Michael.

I am so sorry this cancer took time from Michael and his loved ones.

Michael's legacy to our union lives on in each of us who had the opportunity to meet and work with him. Thank you for your kindness and patience in advising me and sharing your stupendous knowledge of industrial law. Your passion and commitment to our comrades in Cuba was inspirational and when I get there, one day, I will be drinking a mojito in your memory.

Viva la revolución!

I remember Michael from his time as NSW Branch President as well as later in the MSC. He liked red wine (particularly from Peter Robson's winery in Orange!). A warm leader with a delightfully dry sense of humor and a great protector of worker's rights - he will be sorely missed.
Condolences to Michael's family.

I just heard this very sad news from Rod Harris - old timers from the mid to late 80s will remember us both. 68 is way too young, especially for such a free and generous spirit as Michael. I can only hope that his legendary cool-headedness and philosophical nature, not to mention his family and countless friends, helped him tace this final challenge.

After being drafted from the ACOA national office and during two very turbulent years as NSW Branch Asst Secretary (or A/Sec in waiting!), Michael was a rock of calm and wisdom to me. That period included some huge upheavals in the union - the big ACOA/APSA/POA/ABC Staff Union amalgamation, the FCU TOB walkover and, of course, the continuing bitter factional battles of the NSW Branch. Michael was a constant clear-headed and calming influence for all of the Branch staff through those times.

Michael always had his priorities right. I remember that some of my old national comrades were worried by, and even opposed to, the TOB walkover. They thought it would weaken the left within the FCU (which they fondly hoped would one day swing to the left faction within the ALP!). Maybe it did, but I remember that both Michael and I were absolutely clear about it - the union came first and this was to the benefit of the whole union. Even more important, we knew it was to the benefit of the MEMBERS, who would be much better served in our union, as we had repeatedly demonstrated on the shop floor.
Most important to me of all, Michael was there offering much-needed friendship and support when differences over the factional battles led to the inevitable and I was abandoned by virtually everyone else in the Branch power group.
Michael will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him over many years. A generous spirit with a wicked sense of humour. I hope he is now lying back in a hammock in some kind of ideal Cuba, thinking of all the good he has done and the countless people he has helped along the way. Vale Michael! Condolences to his family.
Jeff Dawson-Davis, Rod and I will be meeting for lunch in Brisbane, where we all now live, at the time of the funeral. I, for one, will be raising a glass of the best rum I can find in Michael's memory.

Every union has members who are keepers of the flame, people who live union values day in and day out, Michael was one of ours. Michael was a true believer and stood and fought for everything the CPSU and our predecessors have stood for and fought for over the decades. I'll remember Michael as smart, funny, tough and incredibly gentle with a sense of solidarity that went to his very core. Michael will be terribly missed by everyone he has touched over the decades, especially those who were lucky enough to work closely with him. My thoughts are with Cheryl and his family and friends. Vale Michael

Alistair Waters
National President

Michael was a unionist through and through. He was generous in his time, caring in his approach, and absolutely and passionately committed to serving the interests of working people. He was one of a kind and will be sorely missed. It was always a privilege to work with Michael and an honor to know him. Rupert Evans, CPSU Deputy President

Generous, funny and committed - Michael was a fine man who made a big difference to his union and community. So many of us are the better for having known him. Michael brought some sparkle and cheek to everything he did, whether it was a serious work matter, or a few beers and a chat about Cuba, Gough, football & social justice, My heart goes out to Cheryl and Michael's family and friends. Vale comrade.

Michael was a great, gentle man. I will always remember him with such fondness-he was so kind, compassionate and unwaivering in his many passions. Michael's ability to recount a memory or a comical story was impeccable, he did so with such gleaming, affectionate, charm. I will miss sharing our joys and sorrows of supporting Liverpool and I will be thinking of him next week when his two football teams get to meet. You were one of the greats and will be missed.

Michael was a man of integrity, decency and warmth, and we have all lost a great friend and mentor. He was highly regarded and deeply respected within the Labor Party and was always ready to take up the fight to progress the labour cause. His friendship, stories, and wise counsel will be greatly missed. So long, comrade xx

Michael was a wonderful person and it was a privilege to have known him and worked with him. Just yesterday I was looking for information to answer a tricky question and went searching through my email archives. Of course, there it was. An old email from Michael that explained things so clearly. That was Michael though. An ever reliable source of information and support. I will greatly miss his cheeky storytelling and passionate recounting. Mostly, I think I will miss his gentle but ever present guidance. A true legend, greatly missed.

Shortly after I joined the PSU in the 1990s I heard about this guy called Michael who had been a part of the progressive activist group in NSW. They had transformed the union in the 1980s from a dusty old boys club to a modern union that reflected the changing times. I met Michael a few years later and struck up an instant rapport.
We kept in contact over the years and I was so pleased when he came back and worked for the CPSU when I was the the National Secretary. Always a wise head with a long memory and deep values. I spoke to him a few weeks ago. He knew he didn't have long left but he was doing what Michael does: keeping in contact with old friends, giving sage advice, staying interested and engaged in the Labour Movement. I'm sad that he is gone but his was a life lived well. Vale Michael.

Michael was my mentor and supporter and I am blessed to have known him. I will miss him popping in to see us, but most of all I will miss him as a friend a good friend that I cared about. My heart goes out to Cheryl, and all who loved him.

Vale Michael. Thanks for your patience and confidence to mentor so many. Your advice was always sage and true and partnered with that sparkle in your eye. You will always be union family.

Michael was such a pleasure to be around, a patient and gentle soul. Sending love and condolences to Michael's family.

Michael's genuine love for his work, the movement and his colleagues was the first thing I saw when I began working with him. Over time I saw his knowledge was equal to his enthusiasm. We were lucky to have him devote so much of his life to our union and its members. We will miss you terribly Michael.

Michael and I used to workshop my upcoming travel plans. He and Cheryl had been to many places that I have/had on my list so before booking anything I'd grab Michael for a sit down and ask his advice. The standout success with my Cuba trip, but my Spain and Vietnam trips were also hatched with his input.

Our friendship was routed in shared interest in travel and seeing how other societies had set themselves up and how they functioned (or not). But it grew to span many more things and as I told him; he was a great guy and a mischief maker - what a great way to be remembered. Vale Michael.

I feel very privileged to have worked closely with Michael. He mentored so many in the movement, and especially here in the MSC. His passion and ongoing connection to his union was and still is an inspiration to me and many of us left behind. My deepest sympathies are with Cheryl and all who loved him.

Vale Comrade. You were a kind and gentle man who always treated young organisers with kindness and respect. You helped me to find my voice in the CPSU and the little pockets of wisdom you shared with me at the Southern have kept me in good stead all of these years. Thank you.

Michael was always calm, quietly amused and generous with his advice when we were running around in a crisis. He taught me a lot of what I know about CPSU history, Labor and travel. He was a wonderful comrade and we’ll miss him.

It is with great sadness we have received the news of the passing away of Michael Gleave – a proud Australian and great friend of the Cuban people.
For those who knew Michael, you would all be aware of his endless support for Cuba and its people. He devoted his life to economic and social justice, not only for Australia, but his solidarity extended to workers worldwide. Cuba was always dear to his heart and cause.
The world has lost a great man but he leaves an exemplary legacy which will continue and always be remembered.
To his wife and family , friends and colleagues, we extend our profound condolences .
As representative of the Cuban Government and its people in Australia – we say - Thankyou Compañero Michael Gleave! You will not be forgotten. RIP

Ambassador Jose Galego Montano
Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

I always knew when Michael entered a room in the CPSU. His entrance always generated smiled and a sense of warmth. While it is always hard to lose a mate and comrade, the loss of Michael is made harder still by the calibre of man. My deepest sympathies to Michael’s friends and family.

Adios, Michael! Have caught up with him many times over the past few years in the front office and elsewhere and always enjoyed having a chat. Such a love fella and so sorry he had to go. My deepest sympathies to Cheryl and his family. A great loss.

So sad to hear this news. Michael was a wealth of knowledge and patience. He gave so much to so many members. Truthfully I believe many staff still have a job today simply because of his intervention and championing of fairness. To his family please know that many unionists today stand with you.

A decent man who lived his values from tip to toe. I’m richer for having known him.
All my love to his family and to his union family. Thank you, comrade.

Vale and farewell Comrade. A life well lived in service of others and all aimed at making a difference and really improving the lives of others.

Michael was a great mentor to me when I was a rookie delegate to ACOA's branch conference, then as a vice president and later as a full-time official. (All my chairing skills I owe to Michael!) Michael was a source of great wisdom and his knowledge and experience was unparalleled. His commitment and enthusiasm to ACOA, PSU & CPSU was unwavering even in the most difficult times and his support was rock steady.

Michael had a cheeky sense of humour that made those tricky times endurable.

My colleagues now at NSW IR where Michael worked for some years also remember him fondly and pass on their condolences to Cheryl and Michael's family.

My thoughts are with Cheryl at this sad and difficult time.

Michael: thank you.

Vicki Telfer, former NSW Secretary

We have lost a great friend and mentor, a truly decent person, vale Michael.

To all of you who have offered kind words about my brother-in-law, thank you.

I was 9 years old when Michael came into my life (as my sister Cheryl's boyfriend and pending life-long partner) and he became as much a brother to me as my biological brother, Peter.

Michael taught me many things but there are two I want to share:
- During the privatisation of the Moomba - Sydney natural gas pipeline (MSP) in 1994, I was the workplace representative for the AMWU and we had the majority of MSP field employees as members. The PSU had all of the office staff. We didn't seek to stop the privatisation (it had been a Labor election policy) but we fiercely sought to protect our Comm Govt superannuation entitlements. Michael's advice helped me to target critical maintenance activities to ban (in the lead-up to winter's high gas volumes) to pressure AGL to accept our terms, and how to stare down AGL executives who sought to bully us into accepting lesser conditions. Most people don't know that Sydney was on the brink of running out of gas in winter 1994 due to our stance. Not only did we win that dispute, but we enabled all the other AGL employees to get onto the new defined benefits superannuation scheme that was set up for us.
- In later years I moved into management in the private sector. I had learned from Michael that being, above all else, ethical in my dealings with employees, sub-contractors and other colleagues was not only important as a personal value, but was simply a better way to ensure prosperity for the business and its employees.

Farewell my brother. You are greatly missed.

While I did not know him personally - anyone who promotes and campaigns for the protection, preservation and betterment of ordinary Australian workers is to be congratulated. From what has already been said of Mr Gleave I can only add my sincere condolences to his family and friends and CPSU colleagues who worked closely with him and pray "eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and my perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace."

NSW Parliament: Private Members' Statements

Mr CHRIS MINNS (Kogarah) (16:27): I will read part of an email that was sent to party members in my electorate of Kogarah on the passing of Michael Gleave, a longstanding member of the Labor Party. It stated:
It is my sad duty to let you know that our dear friend and comrade Michael Gleave passed away on Friday, 12 May 2017, after a battle with cancer. Michael was an absolute stalwart of the Australian Labor Party, and he was highly regarded and deeply respected within our Party, the trade union movement, and beyond. Michael joined the Labor Party in 1974, and received Life Membership in 2014. He was Secretary of the Randwick Branch from 1975-1979, before he and his wife Cheryl moved to the St George area in 1980. Michael was Secretary of the Kogarah Carlton branch from 1997 to 2009, and he also held the positions of President, Vice President. He was our branch delegate to Kogarah SEC several times, our delegate to Barton FEC for many years, and then our delegate to Banks FEC. Michael was regularly a delegate to the New South Wales Labor State Conference, and he was the Banks delegate to the ALP National Conference in 2015.
Michael worked on every Federal, State, and Local Government campaign since he joined the Party, and he was Booth Captain at Allawah (now known as PJ Ferry) for over 30 years. He also worked full time on the federal campaigns for Joe Riordan in Phillip in 1975, Robert McClelland in Barton in 2004, and Daryl Melham in Banks in 2013. Following a boundary change in 2014 that moved them into the state seat of Oatley, Michael and Cheryl transferred to the Homedale branch, and more recently they attended the Oatley Lugarno branch.
Michael was a man of integrity, decency and depth, and he was a great friend and mentor to many of us. He was also a passionate football fan, and was delighted to see his beloved Sky Blues win the grand final last weekend.
His friendship, stories, and wise counsel will be greatly missed. Our deepest condolences go to Cheryl, and to all those who loved him.

I take this opportunity to read a report from the Community and Public Sector Union [CPSU], which is one of the largest unions in Australia, and of which Michael was president.

The report states:
The staff, members and officials of the CPSU are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear comrade Michael Gleave.
Michael died early on Friday morning after a long battle with cancer.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Cheryl, their family and Michael's many friends throughout the union movement, the Labor Party and beyond.
Michael was an energetic, generous and thoroughly decent man who spent his life representing working people and campaigning on a wide range of progressive issues from anti-apartheid to workers' rights to protecting public services.
A natural leader, Michael spent much of his time at the CPSU mentoring and encouraging younger union staff and delegates, sharing the insights and knowledge he'd built-up over many years in the movement.
Michael started out as a CPSU delegate in Customs, leading workplace campaigns and strikes.
After becoming an official in the NSW branch, he played a key role in the move to modernise our union and adapt to challenging times.
Michael has represented members in every area of our coverage and in more recent years became a much-respected leader within the Members Service Centre. He retired from the CPSU in July 2013.
Away from work Michael was a passionate sports fan who regularly crossed the globe to support his beloved Socceroos and was recently thrilled to see Sydney FC will the grand final. He was equally passionate about music and everything Cuban—from politics to rum!
He will be sadly missed.

I pay tribute to Michael Gleave's enormous contributions to the labour movement and to the Labor Party. Michael was a true believer; he was committed to the ideals of community and, dare I say it in this place, socialism. I was not always on the same side of inter-party debates, but I knew him to be an honest and generous debater. He was tireless in his pursuit of a better Australia. He gave that most precious of gifts in pursuit of his ideals—his labour and his time. Vale Michael Gleave.

I had the opportunity to attend Michael's memorial service at Sutherland last week. The service was attended by many people who had come to pay their respects to a man who made an enormous contribution. I am sure that he and his wife Cheryl would like this place to acknowledge the decency and dedication of the men and women who work at Calvary Hospital, the Catholic palliative care hospital in the electorate of Rockdale. Michael had many friends, including members here today. His most recent contribution to the Labor Party was as a tireless campaigner against the member for Oatley. He always did that with good cheer and humour. He always behaved with the decency that comes with someone committed to democracy and to the Labor Party. We have lost a thoroughly decent person.

Mr MARK COURE (Oatley) (16:32): I thank the member for Kogarah for informing the House of the passing of Michael Gleave. I have known Michael on and off, primarily during election campaigns, for close to 20 years, and particularly during my two terms as a local councillor. My thoughts and prayers are with Michael, his wife Cheryl, and his family. Michael was a thoroughly decent guy. As the member for Kogarah said, he was a campaign director for many local Labor candidates over the years, including Michael Platt and the Labor Party's Kogarah City Council team. He did a great deal for the local community and for the Labor Party.

Vale Michael. For me you epitomised many of the best aspects of our movement.

Michael was not only a friend but a champion of life. I was privileged to work with Michael on a number of important issues over the years that affected members at DIAC and its predecessors. He was always practical and pragmatic on the stuff that matters; no one missed his intent when he wanted to make it known but he was never shy to put down the tools when the time was right. His wisdom, kindness and experience saved countless careers, enforced the fairness and equity principles he worked so hard to protect, and in my own individual workplace issue was the rock on which we fought and beat the bastard bosses. You have paved the way for the many who have and will continue to follow in your footsteps and on behalf of all Immigration and Border Protection workers thank you for your massive contribution to our movement and the betterment of our workplaces. To the extended Gleave family, know he is loved and missed greatly by so many here in Canberra and around the country.

As president of the Sydney Branch of the Australia Cuba Friendship Society (SydneyACFS), I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to Michael's family.
Michael was with the ACFS from its beginnings in the early '80s and lead one of our annual work study tours in the mid 1980's. He was a stalwart and supported the many campaigns of Cuba. The 2014 release of the last of 5 political prisoners by the Obama administration in the USA would have given him much pleasure and the failure to actually make any substantial change to the sanctions against Cuba would not have surprised such a seasoned political mind.
We have lost a stalwart of Cuba solidarity and all are very saddened by his untimely death.
Gracias Michael y Adios!!