Critical Incident Service

CPSU members in eligible law enforcement roles now have access to free criminal law advice through Slater+Gordon Lawyers’ Critical Incident Service (CIS). It's another way CPSU protects members in front line jobs when it counts.

Many CPSU members do frontline, high pressure, dangerous jobs. Sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes things go wrong. If one day you’re in a situation where you have critically injured or killed someone whilst performing your duties, you will be given immediate access to experienced criminal lawyers.

The CIS is available to union members only and has been developed jointly with Slater+Gordon, the CPSU’s Member Service Centre and legal team. It offers members 24/7 access to criminal legal advice from Slater+Gordon and is available to CPSU members working in frontline law enforcement and protection jobs.

If you find yourself in trouble, Slater+Gordon’s lawyers will provide clear, comprehensive and practical advice and assistance when you need it most.

What is a critical incident?

A critical incident is where an officer is involved in the death or serious injury of another person in the course of performing their duties.

A critical incident may include an incident where death or serious injury occurs in the course of:

  • The discharge of your firearm
  • The use of law enforcement equipment
  • A person being in custody or detention
  • A pursuit, surveillance, boarding, search and enter, seizure or other law enforcement operation

What is the Critical Incident Service?

The Critical Incident Service provides members in frontline law enforcement jobs with 24-hour access to expert legal assistance in the event of a critical incident.

The CPSU will also provide up to 4 hours of legal representation after an incident occurs, and may decide to provide ongoing criminal defence assistance under the Critical Incident Service beyond the initial advice and referral. Ongoing assistance is solely a decision of the CPSU

How to access the Critical Incident Service

  1. To access the service, members need to call (02) 8204 5779 or (02) 8204 5780 and speak to a representative of the CPSU.
  2. The CPSU will contact a Slater+Gordon criminal defence lawyer residing closest to the incident and provide the member with immediate assistance and advice. You’ll be able to speak to a lawyer over the phone or in one of Slater+Gordon's many offices throughout the country or have immediate assistance on-site if appropriate.
  3. Refer to the CIS rights card for general tips and advice on what to do if you are involved in a critical incident.

Slater+Gordonhave experienced criminal defence lawyers situated in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

The CIS was developed for union members and is only available to union members. It’s just another reason why it pays to be a member.


In order to be eligible to access the CPSU’s CIS, a member in ABF, AFP–PSOs, ACIC or DIBP must:

  1. be trained in Use of Force procedures, or
  2. use law enforcement equipment in the course of performing their duties, or
  3. be directly and actively involved in the detention or custody of persons, or
  4. be directly and actively involved in the execution of warrants including search and enter and seizure