Journey Coverage

CPSU offers limited income protection for union members without sick leave credits who are seriously injured on their journey to or from work. The CPSU's decision to provide this members-only cover followed changes to workers compensation arrangements which removed this protection. For more information call 1300 137 636.

What is Journey Insurance?

In some states, and now under Comcare, employees do not have workers’ compensation coverage if they are injured while travelling from their residence on their normal journey to work or on the return journey.

Journey Insurance provides benefits as detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement should you sustain an injury (as defined) while engaged in direct travel between your normal place of residence to and from your place of employment for the purpose of starting and ending the day’s work.

Is cover provided if a deviation is made to the journey to and from work?

Cover is provided for any deviation to attend an educational institution to undertake study relevant to your occupation. An extension of cover is also provided to include activities undertaken during lunchtimes and meal breaks.

Is cover provided if I become sick?

No. The policy only responds if you suffer an injury as defined in the policy wording.

Why is the union providing journey insurance?

The package that has been put together does not reinstate all of the components of the previous system. We believe the Government and employers should be responsible for this coverage.

However, we have arranged this coverage to help protect members with limited reserves of accumulated sick leave from the risk of extreme financial hardship while we continue to campaign for decent and fair workers’ compensation coverage.

What time frame does a claim need to be lodged?

Claims should be lodged within 30 days of the accident, or as soon as is reasonably possible. Contact the Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 for further advice on claim lodgement processes.

When do benefits become payable?

Weekly benefits are subject to an excess period of 14 days. Compensation will only be paid after the first 14 days of disablement and paid sick leave is exhausted. The period of disablement commences with the first day of total or partial disablement for which medical treatment was sought in respect of any injury. Once indemnity has been granted, weekly benefits will be paid fortnightly in advance.

For how long are benefits payable?

The benefit period in relation to any temporary disablement is 104 weeks for members aged up to and including 65 years. For members aged between 66 and 70 years the benefit period is 52 weeks. For members aged between 71 and 85 years the benefit period is 26 weeks.

What benefits does the Journey Policy provide?

Cover is provided for a broad range of specified events including:

  • lump sum benefits for an injury resulting in death, disablement, loss/use of body parts
  • weekly benefits for injury resulting in temporary total disablement; and
  • weekly benefits for injury resulting in temporary partial disablement

How much are the benefits?

Accidental Death Benefit $100,000 with dependents and $50,000 without dependents
Capital Benefits $100,000 (compensation is paid for specified events / injuries as a percentage of the capital benefits sum insured as per the policy wording)
Weekly Benefit Temporary Total Disablement The amount payable for weekly benefits is 85% of your weekly pre-tax income including commissions, bonuses, overtime payments, shift work payments and other allowances averaged during the period of six months preceding the commencement of disability or $2,000 per week, whichever is the lesser
Weekly Benefit Temporary Partial Disablement 25% of benefits payable under Temporary Total Disablement where there are no light/alternate duties or the difference between what the member usually earned and what the member was able to earn while engaging in light/alternate duties

Will my ongoing medical and treatment expenses be paid?

No. Due to the National Health Act, no coverage is provided under this insurance for medical expenses.

Is there any age limit?

Yes. Cover is provided up to age 85 years. However, there are some modified benefits and policy terms for people aged between 66 and 85 years.

What does the current SRC legislation cover?

The Safety Rehabilitation Compensation Act applies to all Commonwealth and ACT public servants. Compensation is administered through Comcare and applies in the following situations;

  • if you suffer an injury during an ordinary recess (such as a lunch break)
  • if you suffer an injury in the workplace
  • if you suffer an injury out of the workplace but doing an activity associated your employment or at the direction of your employer
  • if you suffer an injury while travelling for the purpose of work (except for travel between home and work)
  • if you suffer an injury while at a training or educational facility or travelling to such a facility at the direction or with the approval of your employer or fulfilling a requirement that is a condition of your employment; and
  • if you suffer an injury as a result of an act of violence that would not have occurred but for your employment.

Please note: This information is provided as a guide only intended to assist members, and it does not in any way replace or supersede the Product Disclosure Statement. The Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Statement provide a full explanation of the extent of insurance coverage and the benefits payable and is the authoritative document by which claims will be assessed. We recommend reading it carefully to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of coverage.