New NDIS watchdog jobs must be permanent

The CPSU welcomes Friday’s announcement of 100 new jobs for the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission – but these jobs must be genuine and permanent.

The CPSU has revealed in our parliamentary submission that staff workloads and pressure in this critical agency are completely unsustainable. The NDIS QSC investigates complaints about providers and has a critical role in keeping people safe. But staff are struggling under impossible case numbers, some workers managing more than 100 cases at once – each one vitally important.

But neither workers nor people with disability will be well-served by an influx of hastily trained, insecure workers with no access to job security or career development.

CPSU Deputy National Secretary Beth Vincent-Pietsch said “We need workers in this critical agency to be able to focus on what matters – protecting the community – not worrying about whether they’ll have a job next week, what to do if they get sick, or how to navigate a system they haven’t got enough training in.”

“Workers deserve security and dignity, and people with disabilities deserve to be supported by agencies that are well set-up, properly trained and fully staffed.”

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