Telstra staff and customers dudded as 1,700 jobs axed

The CPSU says Telstra’s decision to axe another 1,700 Australian jobs will further erode the quality and reliability of services, treating customers and hardworking staff with contempt.

The telecommunications company formally advised the union of the wholesale cuts after they were publicly announced this afternoon by Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn.

All divisions of Telstra are affected by the announcement. So far the CPSU is aware of members facing the sack in Sydney and Telstra’s Adelaide call centre that deals with complaints.

CPSU Deputy Secretary Melissa Donnelly said: “This wholesale slashing of Australian jobs is another body blow to Telstra, and comes on top of the thousands of positions that have already been axed in recent years.”

“Telstra customers know that the quality and reliability of the services they’re paying for has been on the slide for several years, whether it be mobile phones, internet or otherwise. Telstra’s decision to slash another 1,700 jobs means customers should brace for services to get even worse.”

“There is a bitter irony that our members in the firing line in this round of cuts include staff paid to deal with the ballooning number of complaints from Telstra customers. We believe dozens of hard working complaints line workers in Adelaide are being sacked, possibly so their jobs can be sent overseas.”

“This decision may prop up Telstra’s share price in the short term but this race to the bottom, treating services and Australian jobs like they don’t matter, threatens the company’s long-term viability.”

“Customers want to know that when they’re paying top dollar for a service, it will work when they need it to and that they’ll be able to speak with someone who can actually help them.”