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Regardless who is in government, our work of protecting our members' rights and jobs and working hard for our members won’t change.

Our role as a union doesn’t change, regardless of who is in power

We have achieved outcomes for our members even under the most trying of circumstances. When our members’ pay, conditions and rights were under attack, individually or collectively, we fought together. 

We will keep protecting our members

Our purpose is to represent and support our members, defend and strengthen our public sector, and improve the working lives of our members and all workers. We will be doing this in our workplaces, in our communities, and wherever we need to.

We have learned a lot from the past six years of Coalition Government, and we know what it's agenda of cuts and privatisation looks like. We have campaigned hard to build community and political support for public services, for workers and for fairness. This work continues no matter who is in government.

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