AAT proposal goes to a vote

Tomorrow you will be asked to make decision on the AAT’s proposed enterprise agreement. The vote opens 9am Tuesday 16 May and closes 5pm Thursday 18 May.

Before you vote, make sure you understand what you will be getting

  1. Consultation
  2. Pay
  3. Conditions
  4. Summing up


The CPSU has secured a commitment from the AAT to pre-decision consultation, with a mechanism for enforcement if it doesn’t happen. It’s not perfect; it’s in the NCC Terms of Reference, not your Agreement; only for significantly affected employees; and it doesn’t cover every situation; but it’s significantly better then what’s in the proposed Agreement. See more details here.


The pay offer is fundamentally unfair. It doesn’t fix the pay inequity legacy of the amalgamation. Not only that, but many staff will only see pay rises of around 4% over 6 or 7 years. This inequity should have been fixed upon amalgamation. See more details here.


The amalgamation meant a significant number of staff lost hard-won conditions because of a governmental administrative decision. The nature of that decision, and the choices made by the AAT in the aftermath, has meant that almost none of those conditions have been returned to the proposed Agreement. Again, this is unfair, and is one of the reasons these negotiations are still going almost two years after amalgamation. See more details here.

Summary of offer

We have secured significant improvements since the last offer, retaining some existing conditions and rights, including pre-decision consultation in an enforceable document. However, the Government’s bargaining policy, machinery of government changes, and the AAT’s perspective means that some staff have lost rights and conditions they have had for years.

The proposal doesn’t deliver pay equity, doesn’t compensate you for the loss of conditions, and doesn’t recompense you for extreme delays. This is unfair.

For these reasons, we cannot recommend the AAT offer to you. However we acknowledge that restrictions in the Bargaining Policy and the attitude of the current government mean that the necessary improvements would be profoundly difficult.

Your CPSU bargaining team recommends you consider the AAT's proposal with regard to your circumstances and cast your vote on this basis.

We consider that this offer is asking staff to make a particularly unfair choice, but we want everyone to make that choice based on all the information.

Whatever decision you make, make it an informed one.

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