ABS Interviewers update

We want to give you an update on a couple of important matters

First, we are resuming bargaining as best we can by both tele-conferencing (TC) and video-conferencing (VC). This is not the ideal way to progress things but given the circumstances it is the only way. We are trying to schedule a VC of all parties for next week and following that we will provide another update to you.

Second, HSO has established a dedicated team to deal with all the allocation and pay issues that you may have as a result of the implementation of the new processes designed to ensure Interviewers can maintain an income. As with anything new, there will be teething problems with these new processes. We ask that if you have an issue with allocations or pay that, in the first instance, you make contact with the dedicated team by email to HSO.Interviewer.Queries@abs.gov.au or by phone to (02) 6252 8656 option #4.

If you believe that your problem has not been resolved by the dedicated team please contact your Section Councillors or your National Organiser, Kim Williamson, for assistance.

Stay safe out there.

Lyn Puniard, Mark Manea and Sue Hawkins

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