Audit of mental health in your workplace

Workplaces are mentally healthy when staff are respected and supported, consulted about change, have some control over tasks, and when efforts are recognised and appreciated.

We all have a role to play in creating positive, healthy and supportive workplaces. You can make a difference by participating in the CPSU audit on mental health in your workplace.

Please complete the CPSU audit - the survey should take about 5-10 minutes - and share the link with your colleagues.

Is your workplace mentally healthy? Take part in our workplace audit.

Mental illness is one of Australia’s leading causes of illness, absence and long-term work incapacity. A mentally unhealthy workplace increases the risk of workers needing time off to deal with stress, anxiety or other issues related to mental wellbeing at work.

Your response to this survey will help us identify any specific issues that would trigger your employer’s health and safety obligations so that we can work together for improvements.

Every day, members of the CPSU work together to improve working conditions so we can do our jobs well, live our lives better and create a strong and efficient workforce. Tell us whether you find your workplace to be mentally healthy.

Together we can make a difference.