Australia Post’s non bargaining proposal

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly and significantly changing work at Australia Post. From work health and safety and working from home, Australia Post’s ‘Request to Take Leave’ and now bargaining for your future pay and conditions.

Australia Post management have put forward an unappealing proposal for your future pay and entitlements in lieu of the standard enterprise bargaining process. We need to explain this proposal to you, listen to your feedback and discuss what approach you would like us to take. To do this we have scheduled Australia-wide briefings for all Australia Post staff members to attend via Zoom teleconference due to current government policy.

How will it work?

We will run six 30 minute all staff member Zoom meetings to attend in their own time. We’re spreading them over three days so everybody has the chance to find a time that suits.

Registration is essential, so please register ASAP only for the session you intend to participate in. Once you register you will be able to dial in via your Zoom application or like a regular phone call.


Friday 8 May - 12pm AEST | 11:30am ACST | 10am AWST – click here to register

Friday 8 May - 1pm AEST | 12:30pm ACST | 11am AWST – click here to register

Monday 11 May - 12pm AEST | 11.30pm ACST | 10am AWST – click here to register

Monday 11 May - 6pm AEST |5:30pm ACST | 4pm AWST – click here to register

Tuesday 12 May - 10:30am AEST | 10am ACST | 8:30am AWST – click here to register

Tuesday 12 May - 5pm AEST |4:30pm ACST |3pm AWST – click here to register

We want to thank all members who provided feedback in our original survey. As that was conducted prior to the onset of COVID-19 and Australia Post’s bargaining position has changed we need to get together!

We look forward to seeing you at one of the Zoom sessions so we can work on the next steps together to continue protecting and advancing union members pay, conditions, rights, and safety.

Not yet a member?

We need you as a member so that we are able to represent you and work towards getting better pay and conditions at Australia Post. By you and your colleagues joining it increases our ability to get you outcomes for the essential work that you do at Australia Post – you can join online at or call 1300 137 636.

PS: Don't forget to RSVP to your preferred meeting time: Friday 8 May, Monday 11, or Tuesday 12.

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