Child Support team saved by member action

CPSU members in General Objections in Child Support, Perth have had a big win after taking action to stop their team from being disbanded.

The team contacted the union office after they were informed their team was to be disbanded. They had been asked to nominate other areas of Child Support they would be interested in being moved to. 

Understandably, the news came as a shock. 

Working together, the team and their delegates collected a list of questions about the proposal and the impacts on staff, on ongoing objections work, and on customers. 

They highlighted potential issues that would be caused by the disbanding of their team, particularly with the three-hour time difference and restrictions on overtime being offered in other regions. 

After presenting management with their list of concerns and questions, the team received a swift response that the proposal had been shelved and the General Objections team would remain.

This is a great illustration of the importance of listening to the experts who do the work. You know the complexities involved and the likely flow-on effects of changes. It’s why consultation and having a say at work is critical – not just to your own working lives, but to the delivery of services to the community.

Membership matters

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