Confirmed: it’s time to take more action

Wednesday’s bargaining meeting was frustrating because the Courts did not come prepared to negotiate. It appears they haven’t used the past six weeks to reassess their offer, or their behaviour, at the table.

This demonstrates that each of us will have a role to play in putting pressure on the Courts to make an offer that’s fair for staff.

The first action you can take is joining the CPSU

While management bargaining team agreed your response was conclusive and that you rejected their offer because of poor pay and reduction in conditions; they didn’t have any suggestions as to how they could resolve this. 

CPSU representatives continue to advocate for a fair and reasonable offer, including identifying where there was capacity to make improvements and providing examples from across the Federal public service. We maintain the current Federal Court EA should be the basis for a replacement EA, and other agencies in similar amalgamations have done it under the current bargaining policy. We are seeking information on the budget and transparency on the Courts’ spending. 

We disagreed with the management bargaining team assertion this was the best offer available under the bargaining policy. We have secured improvements and progress in other agencies where management have been prepared to engage. Agencies such as PMC, ATO, CSIRO, Defence, and DHS. 

Management continue to resist suggestions for assistance from Fair Work Commission while acknowledging it is an option. The CPSU will continue to review our options about pursuing this, with or without the support of the Courts. 

Perhaps in response to this suggestion or the upcoming CPSU protected action ballot, very disappointingly the head of the management bargaining team made the suggestion that Courts have the option to terminate the existing EAs. It is disappointing that instead of taking on board your concerns management seem to want to bully staff. It’s worth noting that no other APS agency has made such a suggestion even after four years of difficult negotiations and the majority of government agencies have now managed to negotiate outcomes acceptable to staff. 

Join the team that’s advocating for workers

We want to use every avenue available to maintain pressure on the Courts, you are part of that. 

You have seen what the CPSU can achieve without you, imagine how much more we could do if you joined us

When you join the CPSU you are making it clear that you want an offer that respects you, values your experience and recognises your contributions. 

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