Courts staff

Now is the time to support your colleagues, and join the CPSU - only union members can participate in protected industrial action and put pressure on the Courts to offer a fair settlement through bargaining.

We are

  1. Holding the Courts to account
  2. Moving to strategic industrial action
  3. Advocating for you to be treated with kindness and respect
  4. Focussing on our achievable plan for a fair enterprise agreement

Holding the Courts to account

This week, we wrote to Courts management outlining our concerns that they are not meeting the Good Faith Bargaining requirements under Section 229(4) of the Fair Work Act. If we do not get a satisfactory response by Monday 18 September we will seek assistance from the Fair Work Commission.

Meanwhile, Courts management advised they are reviewing their offer and may present another offer towards the end of the month. So far, they have rejected our detailed outline of what’s needed to maintain your existing rights and conditions and deliver a fair pay offer. They are also yet to schedule a negotiation to discuss their meeting with the Public Service Commissioner and we are concerned about continuing delays. If you are concerned about delays and what to see movement, please join us to keep up the pressure.

Moving to strategic industrial action

Thanks to members who’ve participated in targeted protected industrial action so far. I know it’s been a big step for many of you and it’s been good to hear how good you’ve felt about taking action. I feel proud to be a union member and ask you to join your colleagues and help end this bargaining dispute fairly.  

Organisers will be speaking with members in your workplace shortly. Only union members have a say in what action is taken, and are protected to participate. If you have any questions, please speak with your delegate, local organiser or contact me.  

Advocating for you to be treated with kindness and respect

People outside the Courts are shocked and appalled when they hear

  • how you’ve had no pay increase in over four years,
  • that the cuts to your conditions are among the worst in the entire APS,
  • you are only being offered 1% per year – half of what is on offer in other agencies; and
  • that all of this is unavoidable and out of step with settlements being reached in other agencies.

CPSU representatives, including your delegates, have been meeting with Labor and Greens parliamentarians to talk about a range of issues across the Courtd. The focus of those conversations was the affect on clients of the ongoing staffing and funding challenges in the Courts, with the current bargaining process bringing this into sharp focus.  We had a sympathetic hearing from those we met, who said they appreciated the work you did and would do what they could to support us in getting better outcomes for clients and staff in the Courts. The Attorney General didn’t take us up on the offer to meet.

Legal representatives of applicants and respondents have also responded positively to information we shared during protected industrial action. If you would like to support the campaign and share information about these important issues with the community, join today.

Focussing on our achievable plan for a fair enterprise agreement

Our simple five point plan starts with the Federal Court EA as the base for your rights and conditions and includes:

  1. A single salary structure for all Courts employees based on the current Federal Court EA salary rates.
  2. Pay increases averaging 2% per annum (consistent with other APS agencies and the bargaining policy) and recognition for financial cost of delays associated with the Courts amalgamation.
  3. Protection of current redundancy, redeployment and retention entitlements provided under the Federal Court EA and extended to all Courts employees. In particular APS standard retention periods of 7 and 13 months, access to job swaps and assistance for redeployment.
  4. Protection of existing workplace rights, in particular consultation rights for workplace change, certainty and fairness in performance processes and guaranteed access to representation in all workplace matters.
  5. Maintain important working conditions, in particular current hours of work for Federal Court employees and reimbursement of professional membership fees for all Courts employees.

It is achievable under the Government’s bargaining policy and is the only fair way forward.

Now is the time to join the CPSU. We are a stronger union than we were last month and with so much to do to make the Courts fairer we all need to work together.