CPSU helps raise money for veterans

CPSU organiser Steve Abboushi and behind him, CPSU delegate Amy O’Dal, at our morning tea

Well, the VSO has broken their own record, raising more than $225 for "Carry On", a veterans' charity, at the first CPSU morning tea for 2017.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!

An assortment of muffins, cakes, slices and biscuits, many homemade, was enjoyed by staff from across all areas of the business - gluten free options were also available.

Staff had the opportunity to chat with delegates and CPSU organiser Steve Abboushi to learn about services and support available from the CPSU. 

VSO staff clearly enjoy the chance to get together and chat over some sweet treats.  This won’t be our last social CPSU event!

Would you like to be involved in the union? 

Membership costs from $10-$18 a week, even less for part-timers. It is fully tax deductible, and entitles you to a wide range of discounts and services.  Membership protects you, providing you with one-on-one support if you have an issue at work.  And every new member makes the union stronger. 

Our current level of membership is what saved your super in the last round of bargaining.  With more members we can save and win back more entitlements for you and your colleagues.  Come on, join the organisation that brought you the weekend, health and safety protections, pay rises, flex and paid maternity leave!

Like more information? 

  • Check out this page
  • Call the union on 1300 137 636
  • Talk to Fiona Duffy on x440218, Amy O’Dal on x440811 or Barry Hemsley on x440764; or
  • Give CPSU Organiser Steve Abboushi a ring on 8620 6353 or 0420 316 819. 

We’d love to have you.