CPSU-NTEU all-staff survey for NCVER

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Survey background

CPSU and NTEU members along with non-union staff members at AFTRS have indicated strongly that they would like to improve the culture and governance of the school to better serve the needs of staff, students and the wider community.

Concerns have been raised by staff throughout early 2018 which culminated in a letter and meeting with the CEO and a representative of the AFTRS Board. Since then staff members have reported that there is still a significant way to go to before important improvements are realised at the school.

The CPSU-NTEU survey seeks to further underline some of the concerns already raised with management and to expand on the details captured or missing in the Staff Survey (September 2017) and the Pulse Survey (March 2018). Staff at AFTRS have clearly identified common areas for improvement which would benefit the school as a whole. These include but are not limited to

  • improved decision-making,
  • greater transparency,
  • stronger two-way communications and
  • genuine consultation within a culture of trust.

Depending on the quality of information captured, the survey will assist and inform the unions in our discussions with management and other stakeholders on whether a change of approach is necessary in AFTRS.

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. All identifying information will be removed and not provided to management or a third party.

The CPSU or NTEU may contact you as a follow up to the survey or to seek clarity or verify your responses.


The survey is divided into five key areas, to provide a comprehensive overview of the School’s culture and operations. Each question has a multiple choice selection with responses ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree and an open text box to provide further information or to qualify responses.

If you need assistance with the survey contact William.Starritt@cpsu.org.au or Kiraz Janicke at kjanicke@nteu.org.au

Merit in recruitment

Current consultation arrangements

Fair Work Australia and the current AFTRS Agreement (Part 19) outlines good practice and the requirements for engaging with employees on workplace changes.