CPSU report on ABC’s $22.9M casual underpayment

The CPSU has thoroughly investigated ABC casual underpayment this year and produced a detailed report which is available here.

  • The findings in our report are deeply concerning and reflect the realities experienced by many of the ABC casual employees we’ve worked with this year.
  • The report puts forward 16 recommendations that we believe the ABC must implement to ensure the underpayment of casual employees does not happen again.

Last Wednesday, the ABC’s annual report identified that ABC casual underpayment will cost up to 22.9 million dollars this financial year.

The magnitude of ABC casual underpayment is abhorrent and unacceptable. That the 22.9 million dollar figure was buried on page 191 of the ABC’s 2018-19 Annual Report says much about the accountability, openess and transparency of the ABC’s leadership on this matter. What would the ABC say if this was any other employer?

Regrettably, the way that the ABC has been handling this matter since November 2018, and especially the way it has engaged with affected casual workers since then, does not inspire our confidence that these matters will be properly identified or resolved without external pressure and intervention.

Your CPSU team will continue to work closely with members to ensure they are paid the money they are owed, and to help casual members who are seeking ongoing ABC employment with their claims.

It was a CPSU member who formally disputed their casual pay in late 2018 and blew the lid on ABC casual underpayment.

And it will continue to be union members who call out workplace injustice and ensure the ABC’s leadership are held to account for their employment practices and their treatment of ABC workers.

Front cover of Anything But Casual report