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Under the Department's Recreation Leave Enterprise Agreement Guidelines:

  • The granting of annual leave should provide you with an opportunity to rest and balance your work and personal life
  • Managers are required to balance team and individual employee expectations of taking leave and ensure that you have access to sufficient planned leave during the year
  • Applications should be assessed and approved or declined in a timely manner to allow sufficient notice for employees to plan and make arrangements for the leave
  • A manager must not unreasonably refuse an employee’s request to take recreation leave.

We’ve heard reports of problems accessing leave which can result in:

  • Inability to attend important family or cultural events
  • Difficulty in planning for domestic or overseas trips for periods which allow the best experience for those destinations
  • Stress and anxiety impacting on members’ health, wellbeing and work life balance.

The department have committed to implementing a twelve month national leave roster for on plant staff. However, the ability for staff to plan for leave is further exacerbated by the lack of transparency in leave management. Is the national leave roster something you think would be useful? Let us know in our survey here.

This situation needs to be fixed, fast


The CPSU needs more information before escalating this issue with DAWR. Your delegates will also be talking with members and staff in your workplace about this issue. If it is happening in your workplace, we need to hear from you. Complete the online survey now.